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Since 2012, we have re-homed about 10,000 dogs through the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive in association with Blue Cross of Hyderabad and CARE & other NGOs throughout India., We help create awareness of dog homelessness and inspire people to adopt a dog.. Our Associates are passionate about supporting this cause. Pedigree has supported Blue Cross to build a state of art Pedigree Puppy adoption centre – where puppies and prospectibrve pet parents get to interact, socialize and get educated before taking them home. We hope to spread this initiative in top 10 cities by 2017. We work with consumers, to educate them on Pet ownership, Nutrition to help them to be better Pet Parents and thereby building a Pet loving culture.

The Royal Canin segment works with NGOs who use Pets as a means to engage differently abled people as a support therapy and help in learning.

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