Doing our Part in India
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We give Associates the freedom to make a difference in the communities where we do business, encouraging them to take ownership of their efforts, to improve lives and build lasting and meaningful relationships that make our company stronger.

Our hallmark program, the Mars Volunteer Program, provides us all with opportunities to use our expertise and demonstrate our personal commitments.

Mars Volunteer Program

Mars Volunteer Program (MVP) offers Mars Associates opportunities to put the “Five Principles” into action in the communities where we live. For the last few years, our Associates across segments have been living the principle of “Mutuality” with a strong desire to give something back to the community.

Promoting Education and Creating Better Moments for Children:

Mars Pet Nutrition associates have adopted a local school near the factory at Wargal village. The school is home to 600 students from the villages around where the literacy rate was less than 60 per cent.

The school had inadequate infrastructure, students including girls did not have clean drinking water or basic toilet facilities. This led to irregular attendance and high drop-out rate amongst the students- especially the girls. As a result Mars associates put together cross functional teams and volunteered to paint the school, install electric lights and fans, provided meal plates, uniforms and books for students. They also started vocational training courses for girl students, provided leaning aids and conducted personality development and career counselling sessions. These efforts have borne fruits and the student dropout rate has reduced to almost zero. Enrolment in the school has gone up by 10 per cent and success rate of students passing has increased to almost 85 per cent from the earlier 50 per cent.

Similarly, associates from the Confectionery segment work closely with the students of “Deepalaya Children’s Home” and have made meaningful connections with the kids of the home by creating special moments for them – e.g Painting their recreation room and organizing days where the kids spent a day with our associates watching movie, playing games, planting trees and making a library.

Our associates have also been working with Pratham, one of the largest non –governmental organization to volunteer at schools run by Pratham.

In addition, Wrigley Foundation has partnered with Pratham, to provide education to the children of Mint growers in Uttar Pradesh. This program is already in its 4th year and we have touched lives of many young students.

Making a Difference at Workplace; Improving the day-to-day sustainability of our operations:

Sustainability isn’t a new program for us – it’s simply a continuation of the Mars way of doing business. By engaging and equipping our Associates to integrate sustainable practices into everyday life, we significantly improve our ability to realize major performance improvements as a business.

  • One example is our Associate-driven Go Green program, which allows our people to take the reins in bringing sustainability practices to life at work

Associate Wellbeing

We are committed to giving our Associates the tools and resources to take care of themselves and their families. Broadly, we promote greater physical activity, sports and healthier lifestyles through company-wide health checks, wellness initiatives.

  • Associate Wellness program: Which include Health check-ups for all associates, education programs conducted every quarter on lifestyle diseases and work-related stress and issues. Medical insurance cover is provided for all associates and their families including their parents. In addition, associates are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles by ‘counting their steps’ as they walk.
  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing: Providing a safe and healthy workplace is not just our responsibility, it’s a business imperative. Whether this means high safety standards in our factories or promoting healthy living in our offices, all our sites are designed and operated to create a safe and positive working environment.
  • Safety Performance: Our long-term aim is an accident-free workplace. Achieving this goal takes a concerted effort to reinforce safety as a responsibility all Associates, while further strengthening our safety management practices as a business. Examples include performing safety skills surveys, providing professional development for Associates in the safety teams, and improving the expertise of our colleagues in Occupational Health.
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